Thursday, December 22, 2016

Medical Marijuana's effects on Parkinson's

Please watch this very short clip.

Watch Medical Marijuana's effect on Parkinson's, Part 3 of 3. Aided by a fellow Parkinson's patient and marijuana advocate, Larry tries medical marijuana for the first time. With a few drops of cannabis oil under his tongue, Larry's severe dyskinesia (uncontrolled movements), loss of voice, and tremors are calmed within in minutes! We didn't even edit the footage because the results were so startling. Please share this to help educate the public. This isn't about politics, people need to see how medical marijuana works on very real patients with very real problems!

I have seen the effects of cannabis on seizures, Parkinson's, PTSD and cancer.

Cannabis does not nor should it need to be monetized or monopolized by the government on behalf of pharmaceutical companies. Not by your govt or any govt. Cannabis belongs in the public domain.
Why? Because the human body arrives delivered with an immature nervous system and a mature cannabinoid receptor pathway built in.

When you buy a computer it comes with a full operating system built in and you don't expect to have to license and gain approval for a component to enable the proper functioning of your computer after delivery to your home, do you? No. Well now, the body is your fully functioning operating self modulating machine and cannabis ( oil and fresh juice) is integral to its high speed performance value. It's not the wifi, it's the code enabling function modulator.
The US govt has given the patent rights to Big Pharma while the FDA has now rewritten the cannabis scheduling laws to include the extracts of cannabis on its Scheduke 1 list. The FDA does not have subject matter jurisdiction to write or pass laws or amend laws to include previously unlisted components without due process and public input.

The FDA under the Dept of Human Resources is a Racketeering and Criminal Enterprise, engaging in collusion with Criminal Intent to Influct Criminal Abuse Criminal Harm and by Malice protect Special Interests in violation of its corporate mandates to serve the public health and to regulate for purposes of safety.

  As such the FDA is a criminal violator of Public Trust.

You think about that.

You think about the reach of the FDA and its serial complicity against Public Health, Wellness and its collusion with principals and agents above and below its authority.

You think about the many thousands of victims caught in the crosshairs of the FDAs over reach and criminal protection racket.

 You think about the victims of legislature enforced to protect that criminal protection racket
You think about the cronyism of the private for profit prison system benefitting from the cronyism of that criminal protection racket.

You watch this clip and think of the hundreds of thousands, millions of people suffering from seizure disorders, PTSD, cancer and many associative disorders and illness who are unable to access cannabis oil and fresh juice because of the criminal cronyist racketeering of the FDA and you remember that the govt of the US has owned the patents and research knowledge of this in full measure since before the first patent application on behalf of the US govt in 1974.

42 years.... Of racketeering and collusion to deny human benefits to something so simple.
42 years.....Of racketeering and collusion to feed a private for profit prison system.
42 years is a lifetime. It's more time than many needy patients were granted under this system of predatory corporate racketeering and collusion to protect special interests instead of human interest.
Patient Right to Access.
42 years is 42 years too long.

For those who are jumping on the bandwagon of rhetoric regarding cannabis medical approval by states... Save it. Your ignorance is astounding. GMO cannabis is no different to GMO corn, sugar beets, pineapples, potatoes, rice, soybeans and rape seed.
There is not a pharmaceutical on the market whose original benefits were not derived from the Botanical World. Synthetic derivatives are not the original compound and do not offer the same benefits. On the contrary synthetics come with risk benefit ratios you are not informed of but bear the burden of.

There is no informed consent to treatments. None.

Now please watch the clip.