Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Cannabis Tampon Awaits F.D.A. Approval

A double sided Hemp-Indica tampon may be just what Women have been waiting for. Hempon (trade name) was designed by a Woman for Women. Very absorbent Hemp on the outer cylinder blunt shaped tampon, and analgesic laced Indica on the inner lining; Hempon is the future of feminine hygiene. Let's closely examine the two distinguishing properties of Hempon.
First, the Hemp lining showcases hemp fiber's multi-purpose use. Hemp is used world-wide in myriad instances of commercial productivity. From birdseed to rope and fabric to building materials- Hemp is one of the most useful commodities known to man. In Hempon, tightly woven and compressed Hemp (aged), offers heavy flow protection, unseen in similar female applications. Only Hempon utilizes triad strands of Hemp for the ultimate security in menstrual mobility and absorbency.
Next, the inner cylinder of Hempon is composed of Cannabis Indica. This intricate design creates close Tricomosome mixing of intra-Uterine lining blood cells. The highly oxygenated rich blood cells interact with Indica's analgesic properties, creating a pain buffer to menstrual cramps. It's easy to see why Women are already clamoring for this product. A female from the FDA, speaking only with the condition of anonymity states, "I just hope Male chauvinistic pig-ass red tape won't hinder this advancement for Women".
It is important that we all pay attention to changing proposals regarding Marijuana, as many contain allowances for Hemp cultivation. Free the Herb, and let Nature take it's course. We owe it to the Women of America!
SOURCE: Joyce at:  http://www.articlesbase.com/womens-health-articles/cannabis-tampon-awaits-fda-approval-3468533.html