Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Brain injury, PTSD & Epilepsy

Brain injury, PTSD, Epilepsy and Medical Marijuana

 by: Debbie Wilson

Dear friends if you have a brain injury, PTSD, depression, post traumatic headaches or lack the feeling of overall well being like I did for over two decades please read further.

If you are NOT improving you may have to take things beyond conventional medicine and the comfort of your doctors knowledge base. I was fortunate and both my neurologist and primary care doctors have documented my cannabis trial in my medical records. They were an integral part of this medical cannabis journey.

I was honest with my doctors and this is what I found.

Most doctors are relieved when a chronic patient gets some relief even in an illegal state if you document and then take the documents to them! My first primary care doctor was married to an attorney and he would NOT document the truth so I changed primary care doctors!

I learned the hard way to question my doctors!

Please learn from my personal loss of organs from mega doses of medication! It is not the easiest way. I had no idea what a political arena I would end up in.

I am a medically retired felony probation and parole officer, I never saw how medical cannabis could help me until three years ago. We may only be in a small percentage but it is time to have a voice for neurology patients! We count also!

Our medicine also needs to be legal, accessible and affordable, GLOBALLY! Visit me and learn the science behind the medical cannabis component cannabidiol (CBD) and the brain!

Debbie Wilson
Neurology and CBD

Source: By Debbie Wilson  on January 22, 2013 From noahsarkconsulting.blogspot.com