Wednesday, July 31, 2013



2 yr old Landon Riddle has Leukemia, Landon almost died from chemo, now he is using cannabis oil and almost instantly his blood levels returned to that of someone that is cancer free! His cancer is in remission after 3 weeks of using cannabis oil!

Dr Sanjay Gupta says:

 "When I Actually Did my Job, what a Doctor should be Doing as a Professional, instead of listening to my Pharmaceutical Sales Representative who has No Training except for how to be sexy and sell me useless, and dangerous Pharmaceutical Drugs that I then prescribe to you for a kick back from the pharmaceutical industry by way of GIFTS, and CARS and Vacations, all free to me, and cause you to need other drugs to fix the problems caused by the 1st drugs I prescribed you, causing me to have to see my Pharmaceutical Sales Rep again (damn she IS SEXY!) and I get more gifts for the 2nd drugs I gave to fix the problems the 1st drugs I gave you caused, when they didnt even address your original ailment for which, you came to see me about,

Well, Much to my surprise, I am Finding out what is BEST for you is Cannabis. WHO KNEW".

That is what Sanjay Gupta just said when in this video he made the VERBATIM Remark "But when I Dug Into This". He is telling you he is TOLD what to Think, and how to FIX You and get free Vacations, and even a CUSHY TV Show out of it.

For those with Eyes to See, and Ears to Hear, the Truth is blatantly Apparent. You just need to Look and Listen.